Sindh Government Likely to Launch Purple Bus Service for Women

Purple Bus Service for Women

Sindh Government likely to launch Purple Bus Service for Women in Karachi and Hyderabad. Punjab Government introduced Pink Bus service for females in Lahore earlier but it failed due to lake of interest from relevant departments and men started traveling in those Buses. This Bus service will be especially for women and male would not be allowed to travel in these Buses.

A little bird told “Regional Post” that Sindh Government is working in collaboration with a Chinese company on Purple Bus Service project. These buses will be air conditioned and Drivers will be also female but well trained. Bus routes and other details are not released yet and to reveled soon.

According to Government officials the Aim of this bus service is to solve the problem of working woman who travel in buses or Rickshaw on daily basis. Most of the women feel insecure and sometimes face sexual harassment. Usually women do not register cases against Bus or Rickshaw drivers due to fear of defamation. This service will not only facilitate working women but other women will also be able to travel without any fear.

Pink Rickshaw service was also introduced last month from a Non profitable Organization in Lahore. Director of NGO Zara Aslam said that she started this rickshaw service without Government support. On social Media websites people are admiring this act. Zara Aslam said that initially they have introduced this service in Lahore but gradually they will launch Pink Rickshaw Service in all over the country.

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