PTI President Responsible for Multan Tragedy

PTI Multan

Ijaz hussain Janjua, PTI President of Multan signed an Undertaking that he’ll be Responsible for any Tragedy or Mishap.


Ijaz Hussain Janjua, President Pakistan Tehreek-c-Insaf. R/o T-Block Plot No.2, New Multan. Solemnly agree to abide by the conditions prescribed below in true letter and spirit. I hereby undertake that in case of any untoward incident, we (the organizers) shall take full responsibility of the event and shall be held responsible the conditions are as follows…

1- I shall deposit entertainment duty with Excise & Taxation department as per rules.

2-All rules/regulations. Municipal laws will be strictly observed.

3-Organizer will be responsible for any damage to public property.

4-The use of Deck/Speakers/Sound Amplifier shall be regulated under the provision of West Pakistan Amplifier Ordinance. 1965.

5-The Deck Speaker shall not be used in the PTI Jalsa during Prayer & Azan ‘timings.

7-T he applicant shall ensure that smooth Dow of traffic may not be disturbed.

8- Search and security w will be the responsibility of the Event Management 8. Search of ladies participants should be made through ladies stuff.

9- No utterance likely to injure the feeling of any religious groan/party/sett.

10- Display of fire arms shall be strictly prohibited and fireworks shall not be used.

11- No obstruction shall be made to the traffic now.

12- Streamers Banners shall only be hanged alter approval from the PI IA No banner or streamer containing public messages shall not be removed/obstructed.

13- No one shall be forced to attend the Jalsa from within the City or from an) other District.

14-Traffic Management routs and parking place for the vehicles coming for the PTI Jalsa shall be designated by the District Administration and traffic Police. The Organizers shall coordinate and cooperate with the Agencies for the smooth flow of Traffic.


Here is the Original Copy with Sign of Ijaz hussain Janjua, PTI President,Multan.

PTI Jalsa

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