Price of Petrol per Liter in Pakistan is Lower than 147 Countries in the World

Price of petrol per liter in Pakistan

Civilians of Pakistan are often heard sniveling about the soaring Price of Petrol in their country, but here is a little reason to give them some satisfaction: The price per liter here is less than 147 countries around the globe!

Petrol, also known as gasoline, has always been a hot topic in the news. Synonymously called ‘black gold’, the petrol prices are a matter of global interest.

The average price of gasoline around the globe is $1.12 per liter which is equivalent to approximately 112 Pakistani Rupees. However, there is a significant difference among the per liter petrol prices in various countries.

As per the general rule, the opulent countries have higher per liter petrol prices while poorer countries and the countries that produce and export oil have substantially lower prices, Saudi Arabia, for instance.

One notable exception is the U.S. which is an economically advanced country but has low gas prices.The differences in prices across countries are due to the various taxes and subsidies for gasoline.

Norway bags the top position on the list of the countries with the most expensive petrol with an exorbitant price of $2.60 per liter!

Pakistanis should count their blessings because the petrol price per liter here has come down from $1.14 to $0.76 which totals to Rs.77.32.India too has petrol prices higher than Pakistan, with IND 63.16 for per liter so here’s another reason for Pakistan to rejoice.

Meanwhile, the statistics provided on the Globalpetrolprices.com evidently shows that the price for gasoline in Venezuela is almost negligible. It has been consequently declared as the cheapest place in the world to buy petrol from for the second year in a row, with per liter costing only 8p.

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