Prem Gali,University of Karachi

 Prem Gali,University of Karachi

The university of Karachi , one of the renewed university of Pakistan offers degree in numerous programs at morning and in evening shifts, so one can see the larger number of students from 9:am to 9:pm. The university life is full of youth, fun and enjoyment.
Canteen and cafe are made for enjoyment. In this regard prem gali is one of the famous place, where not only bunking but studios student visit frequently at lunch and tea time. No doubt p.g is the food street of k.u
So Let’s have a brief visit to prem gali,
The history told us that there was a gali which was completely covered by trees, usually couples used to sit over there .
Abdullah biryani: the biryani is the most Famous item but unfortunately only morning shift can enjoy it as it ends its by 2:pm. No worries Abdullah biryani will offer you the delicious French fries. If you want fresh roll or garma garm samosa so you should visit sufi samosa , although these samosas have nothing to do with Sufism .
In summer the major crowd diverts towords the CAFÉ NAZAMIA as they are offering yummy creamy cold ice-cream in this hot season . although the mouth watering smell of tikkah attracts all students but the smoke may harm your lungs .
During the rainy season the laziz golguppay will double the pleasure of weather which are available at students stall. For health conscious people fresh fruits juices are also available at CAFÉ NAZAMIA .for chat patti gossip one can go to laziz chat house.
After long boring lectures one should go to paradise point where you can have a hot cup of strong tea .

Ahan ! Wait a second you must be wondering if kabab paratha is available at k.u or not? Oh yes! Merrath ka mashoor kabab paratha is waiting for you in same gali .
I think Karachi university is the only university which provides a vast variety of food but it provides “food for thought“ as well .

By: Sadaf Ahmed Khan

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