Paranormal Activities Caught Inside Ocean Mall Karachi

Ocean Mall Karachi

Paranormal Activities Caught Inside Ocean Mall Karachi. “In ocean mall there is something actually creepy. Farid’s also closed because of it. Recently a worker was beaten up by someone he didn’t see at the ground floor and he was crying badly. Today I went and asked a worker there first they were denying but then he agreed and said that when Ocean Mall Karachi was not built, there was Midest hospital at this place .On ground floor there was morgue (dead body room) so this kind of incidents usually happens here.

Now that area B4 parking area is closed because of this issue, even the workers at Farid’s used to say that at morning when they used to enter in store, they see mess up and unusual things.

Ghost at Karsaz Road Karachi Caught in CCTV Footage

A regular visitor of ocean mall Faiza Adamjee said that There is something creepy there. A year ago, as I was entering, there was a huge hungama near the watch shop, left side of where we enter from, near the reception table. A girl was screaming and howling continuously. Staff and security were going in and out, and i swear it sounded scary. She got so loud that the entire mall was out on the balconies, and they had to close the shutter of the shop, to muffle her cries and screaming. I went up to a couple of stores and all the salesgirls told me that they were scared to work there. I don’t know what was wrong with that girl, but if she wasn’t delivering a child in there, her cries were alarming.

 On the other hand many people think that 98{c8e7245b8ab68c565aad156e68e78729a90ed3dd91ad3177b3c5a92377d109db} of the cases are due to mental disorder, hardly 2{c8e7245b8ab68c565aad156e68e78729a90ed3dd91ad3177b3c5a92377d109db} takes place that too being with other and where as black magic is concerned, did some good part of research from scientific and religious point of view. It has zero value.

If you believe almighty has the power to decide your fate, then these individuals are strong enough to overcome the orders of almighty and influence others’ lives according to their own will? That doesn’t make sense.

I know it’s almost near to impossible for people in this country to accept that black magic is a myth and just a mind game, but eventually some people will realize with the passage of time.

 This topic is going viral on different social Media websites including Facebook. A girl Ayesha Pandit said posted on Facebook that don’t know wasn’t there long enough. But I worked at FTC on Shahrah e Faisal and that place is as haunted as it gets Very heavy atmosphere. U can see people walking and talking and roaming around at night. Entities take up the form of people who work there and mislead their colleagues. It’s all fun and games for the paranormal thingies there.

Many other people are also expressing their views on social media and most of the people are claiming that there is something wrong with this mall and they think that there is some kind of ghost in Ocean Mall Karachi.


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