Pakistan’s ranking in the list of corrupt countries improved, Transparency International

Transparency International

According to Transparency International Pakistan’s ranking in the list of corrupt countries improved during Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s government. List of 177 Countries has been issued by Transparency International in which Pakistan’s ranking is at No. 127 with 28 points and neighboring country India is ranked 94 with 36 points.

According to the report, Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia are the world’s most corrupt countries. The report noted that the rate of corruption in Afghanistan is the highest in the world. In the list UK is on 14th No, while the U.S. is ranked 19th.In the Survey it is said that abuse of power, bribery; secret deals are damaging the worth of global societies.

Earlier this year, Transparency International Global Corruption said in Barometer for 2013 that Pakistan’s religious organizations, military and media are less corrupt. The report stated that the most corrupt people in Pakistan are belonged to government and politics.

Transparency International warned that climate change, economic crisis and severe poverty measures taken to corruption in the future will face a growing trend in this kind of situation.

Last year in the list of corrupt countries of the world Pakistan’s number was One Thirty Nine but in the Go

The corruption in Pakistan last year’s list at No. 139, but the Government of Prime minister Mian Muhammad  Nawaz Sharif Corruption has been less but in India there is the same situation and not any kind of improvement have been seen yet.

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