Pakistanis Love Their Corrupt Leaders


By : Ajmal Masroor

This weekends election in Pakistan is posed to deliver a decisive victory to Nawaz Sharif and his party the Muslim League. Pakistan was founded on the basis of a homeland for the Muslims of India, who were persecuted. Newly founded Pakistan and its citizens would be free to live, pursue and enjoy their life’s dreams and aspiration. Over 60 years have passed, Pakistan has become more lawless, sectarian, poorer and has earned a name for world leader in corruption. Who is responsible for the misery of Pakistan? Of course it is the leaders but also the Pakistani people who keep electing the same despots.

It is ironic that Sharif was deposed by General Musharraf and lived in exile in Saudi Arabia until recently returning to Pakistan to contest for election. Musharraf, who also returned to Pakistan from self imposed exile in the UK, is now under house arrest! One man gets the trophy and other gets the jail but equally guilty of corruption and abuse of power. This is the tragedy of this Muslim nation.

Leaving aside the dirty twits and turns of politics in Pakistan a few things are certainly clear:

1. Pakistani politics is very sectarian and tribal. It is not the policies of your party and election manifesto that gives you a democratic mandate, it’s simply your tribal lineage that paves your path to power.

2. Politics in Pakistan is violent and bloody. How many people’s lives have been destroyed by bombs and guns? What was their crime? This disgusting culture of violence and intolerance is going be the undoing of these people.

3. People of Pakistan do not want to change their corrupt and displaceable status quo. That is the reason they keep voting for the same unfit morons who upon coming to power loot the countries coffers and amass wealth in off shore accounts. The people don’t seem to mind!

4. People of Pakistan feel secure at the hands of their incompetent and dishonest leaders. Take a look at Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf, late Bhutto, Zardari etc, the stench of their dishonesty can be smelled from thousands of miles away and yet Pakistani people feel secure in their hands. How sad is that!

5. People in Pakistan prefer the nasty leaders they know and not the new and fresh leaders they do not know. Imran khan has been trying his level best to offer the voters a chance to change but the old guards have it their way. The younger generation of voters wanted to change but power still lies in the hands of the tribal elders. Unfortunately the tide of change fell flat on its face.

I am disappointed at the people of Pakistan that this could have been their golden opportunity to change the course history. This election could have given them an opportunity to relaunch Pakistan as a powerful Muslim country. This could have been their ticket to freedom, prosperity and happiness. But people of Pakistan have chosen a well known corrupt leader over change and reform. They have demonstrated their pathetic and fickle nature. You can be the biggest thug but as long as you are a thug who is from the same tribe and your thuggery is well known, you can be the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

I find this election outcome a terrible indictment of the entire nation. I am afraid even God does not change the condition of those people who do not change what is within them first. Such a tragedy but self imposed and self inflicted. I do not feel sorry for Pakistan, I pity the nation.

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