Pakistani Police Register Kidnapping Case against 7 Year Old Boy

Punjab Police

Pakistani police registrar a case against seven year old boy for kidnapping a thirty year old man from Gujrat,Punjab Province.

According to sources at Civil Lines police station in Gujarat a 30-year-old man named Amir Iqbal filed a complaint against a seven year old kid who is first grade student. Amir Iqbal said that seven year old boy Sameer Butt has snatched his mobile phone and taken away his money.He claimed that the boy also tortured him after kidnapping.

Police registered the first investigation report 7 year old Sameer Butt under section 365 and after raid they have arrested Sameer Butt and further investigation is going on. Seven year old boy’s parents are claiming that these allegations are false and their child is innocent. This is to be mention that these kinds of incidents are common in Pakistan where a 8 moths old baby boy was convicted of a murder case.

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