Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloach Killed by Brother in Multan

Qandeel Baloach

Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloach Killed by Brother in Multan on the name of honor killing. The media should hold itself responsible for highlighting her flaws and making her an even bigger mockery than need be and for giving her prime time air space for condemning “girl gone wild”. Blame yourself dawn news and any other media agency in the country that considered her freedom and her right to choose and live by her own rules news worthy item; responsibility lies with u as well.

 Honor killing is wrong; it is not part of Islam. It is a cultural issue deeply rooted in usually uneducated societies but can be found anywhere even across religions. Education and critical thinking is the only answer. There is no honor in killing our own kids and siblings. Honor of a man is set by his own virtues not by his woman.

She seems to be from higher class and modern society but she isn’t even safe and the victim to the infamous honor killing? Imagine for the people belonging to the lower class people. Pakistan should be ashamed of it. Just get out of your bigoted and archaic mentality if the idea is to become a progressive and modern society.

There are more important issues to look up to its media and own stupidity which landed her into all this mess. If she wanted higher education then she should have pursued it without the obscenity! She was an embarrassment to our nation but killing her wasn’t the correct way to go. Her brother must be brought to justice.

I don’t say anything wrong to Qandeel Baloch, but here I want to say something about that particular group who has created doubt among common people, if someone commits fornication (they don’t say that it was fornication, the group says it just was honor killing, off course, no man having faith can bear seeing her sister being watched nude by whole nation, the group who talks about honor killing, never teaches our sisters that how does honorable people live in society, rather they are waiting for the time that after these women are killed then they raise their voice just to receive funds.

Funny reacts and tweets for fake fame I can’t understand we call you Muslim in a Muslim country and want condemn honor killing being a Muslim. She was bold who does not know well about her and people criticizing it. Everything is enclosed about her life her way of living. Why she got 2 divorced now she was happy in theses cheap acts. She was the girl who said if Pakistan wins her will do strips dance… mean who condemn all this mean they think she was right and they are big fan of her. Clap and slap on their face if they think themselves a Muslim.

When someone dies we as a nation start mourning… The sad part is nobody took any initiative to bring her to the right path when she was alive… Now when she’s dead we all feel for her. All those who supported and promoted her throughout on social media are equally guilty of her murder. We as a society drooled as we watched her climb onto new heights of indecency and then she was finished off because we had some sort of ghairat left.

Qandeel was living in Pakistan so she should have lived in accordance with our way of life. And Qandeel had all the choices and liberty in Pakistan.

She could be a banker, an architect, an engineer, a doctor even a waitress or something. She could even become an actor or a dancer like Soha Ali Abro, Mawra Hocane etc her family and frankly even the society is liberal enough to not kill her. But still she chose a wrong path; she shamed us and became a continuous source of embarrassment for us. She never had any talent her booty and her stupid acts got her this far, she was always famous in a bad way not in a good way, no matter what the fact is that in reality she was nothing more than a prostitute celebrity.

So don’t portray her like she was a poor girl who had no liberty in Pakistan and she had no other choice. She always had the liberty and other choices in Pakistan. Lets face it she was a bad and stupid person, she made wrong choices and in the end she only has herself to blame.

For these things I weep; Mine eye, mine eye rennet down with water; because the comforter is far from me. I weep when any bird is shot down. I weep when aunt is rolled over. I weep when a stray dog is rounded up. Many of creatures are starved to death and I weep. It’s not because I have a soft heart. After all they are part of Creator’s plan.  Thus, shocked on murder of Qandeel once again in name of Honor. Her demand for security was declined as if the state didn’t owe any duty of protecting life n liberty of citizens. What is use of regurgitating that murder of one human is like genocide?

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