Pakistani Model Mathira in Condom Ad



TV host Mathira Mohammad has been called all that and more. Love her or hate her, she’s making waves, as critics in Pakistan accuse her of immorality and supporters laud her willingness to tackle taboo subjects such as sexuality, love and HIV/AIDS.

Now a days she she is into news because of her latest ad for josh condom,”A lot of people judge me by what I wear, say I’m not a good woman,” she said, loping through the lobby of a five-star hotel in Karachi wearing leopard-skin shoes and a sleeveless Ali Baba outfit, as jaws dropped and necks swiveled. “The clothes aren’t anything.”

“Life is like a car,” she said. “There’s not much view back and a big windscreen forward.”


 Watch this Excusive Advertisement of Pakistani Actress Mathira in Condom Ad.

[KGVID width=”640″ height=”360″]https://regionalpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Pakistani-Model-Mathira-in-Condom-Ad-_-Tune.pk_.flv[/KGVID]

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  1. a condom ad in pakistan!! thats totally disgusting..well about mathira everyone knows this prostitute is specially used for these kind of vulgar promotional purposes.

    1. hahahahah….

      I’m simply laughing at the fact that MATHIRA IS A HOMELY HOUSE-WIFE!!!!!


  2. the Indian media specially uses our girls as they create more hype by doing such vulgar acts and that is the purpose of their advertisement..to catch attention.

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