Pakistani IT Company Axact Sold 1,918 fake degrees to Saudis

Pakistani IT Company Axact

RIYADH: A publication revealed on Wednesday that Pakistani IT Company Axact suspected for selling fake degrees, allegedly sold 1’198 fake degrees to Saudis between 2011 and 2015.

The owner of the Axact Company, Shoaid Ahmad Sheikh, has already been put behind the bars by the Pakistani authorities in Karachi. The said person had allegedly sold numerous fake degrees to customers across the globe during the 5 years period.

As per the report, the Saudis had received 1’198 phony degrees from Axact for various nonexistent universities for the price bracket of SR 50,000 to SR 100,000.

The company forged the credentials and the attestation was done by various consulates and government officials of certain states around the world.

The Saudi Affairs incharge in Islamabad, Jasim Al-Khaldi, reported that the embassy and cultural mission was looking into the fishy matter.

He further informed that the Saudi government wishes to know the names of the citizens who had bought their degrees from the said company and those Pakistani who are working in their state with the fake credentials to their claim.

The Pakistani affairs incharge in the Kingdom, Khayyam Akbar, reported that Pakistani government will provide the list of the guilty to the Saudi government just as soon as they are done with the investigations.

The fake degree scandal first saw the light of the day in 2009 when Axact messed up by awarding a Master`s degree in Business Administration from a Rochvelle University to their client Chester, who later turned out to be a bulldog.

The news was scooped by Arab News and on further probing, it turned out that the owner of the dog, Vicky Phillips, founder of, had applied for the degree in the hope exposing the fake university, whose whereabouts are still an unraveled mystery.

The investigations later led them to the Karachi-based origin of the falsified degree, the Axact Company.

The Arab news received a legal threat from Axact when it published the story but the English daily remained unmoved.

This is to be borne in mind that the Axact Company’s bluff did not get exposed until New York Times unveiled a report on the issue which stirred the Pakistani top investigation agencies into action.

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