Pakistan May Suffer International Isolation


By: Prof. Dr. Gholam Mujtaba

The PTI Chief Imran Khanissued a statement to block the NATO supplies in reaction to the killing of theLeader of Pakistani Taliban through a U.S. drone attack. According to him, thedrone has foiled Pakistani attempts to negotiate with the Taliban. In hisjustification, he mentioned a London demonstration against military strikeagainst Iraq by the Allied Forces.

One wonders its very logic.Does there exist any parallel between a demonstration in London, and a protestblocking NATO supplies in Peshawar? Pakistan desperately needs a U.S. support interms of civilian and military aid. Was that the case with London demonstration?Historically, I am afraid, I have not witnessed London to have been isolated froman American policy.

India, Pakistan’s archrivalhas had been working for years to isolate Pakistan from the world stage. Thanksto the United States friendship which protected Pakistan’s interest, whereasIran, Venezuela, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Cuba and few others faced the economicbrunt of such isolation and sanctions.

The pro India lobby ofPakistani politicians is working hard to create an atmosphere within Pakistanto bring gaps in this friendship. It looks imminent that these stereotype pigeonholesand dimwits may achieve their objectives damaging Pakistan soon. Though, noneof them have a penny’s contribution in the progress of Pakistan.

Then there is an anti Arablobby within Pakistan which operates to harm Pakistan’s tested ties with theKingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC. This benefits India as well, and isdetrimental to Pakistan’s national security.

However, the two tier systemof the Pakistani establishment, of which the one ruled through the armed forcesin the formulation of the defense policies have forestalled this viciouscampaign, at least for now.

The slanderous campaignlaunched against the United States in Pakistan has got the ears of the Lawmakersin the Capitol Hill. In my meetings and this is clear that this govt will FAIL to salvage this situation as both of theseinterest groups are working comfortably within this government,

 There is a common perceptionin the Capitol to completely breakout ties with Pakistan and let the country bedumped to face economic crisis and humiliation at the hands of India.

In such an event, thesedimwit politicians are leading Pakistan to a dead end, no lesser than a newAfghanistan, a battleground in the making where the North, a predominantlyPersian speaking and the South, a Pashto speaking region has a clear divide.

Pakistan because of itsreligious diversity will end up into pro Arab and pro Iran segments, while itsethnic diversity will take it closer to Indian hegemony. These undercurrentsare reflective in the social media and Face Book postings and comments.

 Is there a contingency planin place to deal with it? The answer is NO. However, the foes of Pakistan aretoo happy with it.

India’s balkanization couldonly be halted, if Pakistan is broken into pieces. It is a test of leadership,for both India and Pakistan as to who manages and survives to face a loomingthreat of balkanization.

 ***[The writer was aProvincial Advisor in the Sindh cabinet, presently a Central Leader of theRepublican Party of the United States, American Security Council Foundation,Arms Control Association and Chairman Pakistan Policy Institute]

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