Pakistan Railways Launched E Ticketing System


Pakistan Railways Launched E Ticketing System and now anyone can book ticket online. You just have to make an account on Pakistan Railways official Website and register yourself with a mobile number or email address.

Charges of the ticket can be sent via credit card or UBL Omni account; you will get a confirmation message on you cell phone after booking. This SMS will be considered as your ticket in which your National identity card number, seat number, coach number and all other details will be mentioned.

It is pertinent to be mentioned that you have to show this SMS to ticket checker and in case you lost this text message, you will be considered without ticket that’s why keep this message saved.

Online booking system for Pakistan Railways has been launched on October 3, 2016. Now this is really easy to book your ticket while sitting at home instead of standing in long queue at railway stations and this is really good news for Pakistani Nation. This step of Government and Pak Railway is really appreciable.

Now you can easily Online book your Pakistan Railway ticket in these easy steps that are mentioned in this picture.

Click Here for Booking your Railways Ticket Online


Railways new tracks are being installed in phases so in few years we will have better service from railway. Let’s support present government to complete there 5 years if we all find improvement in electric and gas than we should support them for another five year. Government is working in all directions .Previous Governments did not do anything now present government has to start not from zero but from negative to improve things .there is big difference in railway, electric, gas etc. Just in next two years when there will be no shortage of electric gas and we will have more efficient railway than all the factories will be running and there will be more employments. But first we have to change our selves and say thanks to Allah for we have and work hard with honesty. If we not work hard and keep complaining about others it’s not correct. We all should condemn rallies and work hard.

Do you know in 2013 Railway earning was 16 Billion Rupees and at the start of 2016 it was 37 Billion? You cannot make one institution profitable in just days. Railway minister Saad Rafique need to introduce the radar system in driver cab of train to stop the train before some explosive fix on track tunnel or a bridge. It alarmed the driver at the specific distance that there is some problem on track etc then driver can stop the train easily and we can save the life and lot of damage. And on the way make the check posts after 2 or 3 kilometers for security of trains.

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