Pakistan Accused in U.S Consulate Plot Ordered Held in Canada

U.S Consulate

A 33 year old man named Jahanzaib Malik was arrested on Monday. According to Canadian immigration officials, they arrested a Pakistani man who was plotting to attack on U.S consulate and other buildings too.

In a hearing on Wednesday, Canadian authorities said that Malik is a supporter of the Islamic State and al Qaeda and who was trained in Libya. Malik told police officer during investigation about his plans involving remote control explosives.

Jahanzab Malik came to Canada as a student and became a permanent resident. The Canadian govt is planning to deport him from Canada.

In Wednesday’s hearing, government lawyers said Malik attempted to radicalize an undercover officer he had befriended by showing him video of ISIS beheadings.

Prosecutors said that Jahanzaib Malik told the police officer that he was a good friend of radical United States born priest Anwaral Awlaki who was killed in a US drone attack in Yemen four years ago.

The Canadian Public Safety Minister Steven claimed that the Jahanzaib is the supporter of ISIS who was planning terrorist activities in Canada. He also appreciated authorities for their performance.

Thirty Three year old Jahanzeb came to Canada in 2004 and in 2009 he got nationality of Canada. He will be kept in custody till Wednesday but it Canadian officials have not explained that why they are not taking any legal action against him.

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