The Owners Of Raiwind Palace ???

Nawaz and Shahbaz

By : Mehnaz Shaffiq

Lahore: In 2012 the total worth of Nawaz Sharif’s assets was 261.6 Million, While The total worth of Shahbaz Sharif’s assets was 336.9 Million.

The Raiwind Palace,spreaded over thousands of acres, has  some ghost ownership, as according to the statement of assets  and liabilities of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family,no record of this Raiwind Palace is found.

Latest documents submitted to Election Commission of Pakistan by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, His brother Shahbaz Sharif,Son-in-law Captain Muhammad Safdar’s nephew Hamza Shahbaz are silent about this huge property.

Minister of Information,Parvez Rashid  told  that the property was on the name of Nawaz Sharif’s mother  Shamim sharif.

However, the statements of assets show that the Sharif Brothers have much in common. Nawaz Sharif lives in a house of his mother,while Shahbaz Sharif lives in a houseof her wife Nusrat.

Both have a land cruisers to travel, gifted to them by unknown persons. Both have local and multiple foreign accounts, vast agricultural lands, and investment in industrial units like paper mills, sugar and textiles.

But still there is a visible difference among the two brothers, the assets of Nawaz Sharif increased rapidly as far as Shahbaz Sharif concerned, his assets decreased. Shahbaz Sharif has two properties in abroad while Nawaz Sharif does not have any property abroad.

At the time of Election last year in May, Shahbaz Sharif was richer than Nawaz Sharif,but none of them was billionaire. The scenario is different now. According to the recent declaration, the value of Nawaz Sharif’s wealth has increased by six folds in just 12 months and made him a billionaire for the first time.

The details also revealed that the value of Nawaz Sharif’s assets in 2012 was 261.6 Million.Shahbaz Sharif’s assets in 2012 were 336.9 Million

In 2011 the value of Nawaz Sharif’s assets was 166 Million and Shahbaz Sharif’s was 393 Million.

In 2013, The value of Nawaz Sharif’s assets increased to 1.82 billion, while Shahbaz Sharif’s assets decreased to 142 Million.

Shahbaz Sharif has more stakes in abroad than his own country. He owns properties and bank accounts worth 138.28 Million in United Kingdom. He also has three loans of 117.10 million in Pakistani currency in British Banks.

Shahbaz Sharif has not disclosed the property of 676 Kanals in Lahore and claims that the property is gifted to him by her mother.

According to the statements, Shahbaz Sharif has 51.96 Million cash in hand and 7.27 million in his sole bank account in the country.

Mrs. Nusrat,first wife of Shahbaz Sharif,had assets of 273.46 million by June 30,2013. It was 224.56 Million a year before. She has 1.95 million rupees in her five bank accounts. She also ha cash in hand worth 14.34 Million.

Mrs Tehmina ,second wife of Shahbaz Sharif,has assets of 9.83 Million. The value of the assets a year before was 7.64 Million. She has five bank accounts…two in Pound Sterling,one in Dollar and two in Pakistani  Rupees. The money in the accounts worth 23,770 rupees. She has prize bond and cash in hands worth 750,000 rupees. She also has two cars.

Mrs Kulsoom Nawaz,wife of Nawaz Sharif has total assets of 235.85 Million which is much less than Mrs Nusrat Shahbaz.

Mrs Kulsoom has a land and a house in Changa Gali,Abbottabad,worth 63.75 Million, a bungalow in Mall Road, Murree worth 100 Million,88 Kanal land in Sheikhupura worth 70 Million, jewellery of 1.5 Million and has shares in family businesses.

She has 67,555 rupees cash in hand and 55,765 rupees in banks.

Hamza Shahbaz is richer than his father; He has net assets of 250.46 Million. He has two wives. The wealth of Hamza Shahbaz’s first wife is 2.45 Million and that of second wife is 9.88 Million.

Captain Safdar’s wealth is 14.23 Million. He also owns a car which is gifted to his wife Marium from UAE.

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