Osama Bin Laden is Alive and is in U.S. Custody

Osama Bin Laden

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwait University political science professor and leading political analyst Abdullah al-Nafeesi has claimed that Osama bin Laden has been kidnapped not killed.

According to the Saudi newspaper Gulf Ruztana He said in an interview given to a TV. He said that American forces claimed in 2011 that the most wanted al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden has been killed during a secret operation in Pakistan and Later in May 2011 they announced that and his body thrown into the sea.

He said that U.S. forces not killed Osama bin Laden nor his body was thrown into the sea, but the fact that he was kidnapped and taken to the America.

U.S. claims are baseless, how is it possible that after searching a man for eleven years and spending billions of dollars a person shot with ease and everything finished, Professor Abdullah Nafeesi

He said the U.S. also says that Osama’s body thrown into the sea but how it is possible that the body of a wanted man thrown into the sea without any kind of confirmation and investigation from him.

Nafeesi who is political science degree holder from the University of Cambridge, said that

America just said that they killed Osama but this matter can be solved after researching and some kind of strong evidence from United States that the group named al-Qaeda and its role has been cleared so easily.

He also said that he believes that Al Qaeda does not exist anymore that was created by Osama Bin Laden.

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