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Orange is the New Black, Ali Zafar is the new Musharraf

So, yesterday was abuzz with Ali Zafar’s statement outside the court against Meesha Shafi. And then of course, news media had a field providing material for social media commentators and users. Today’s, papers splashed the news and reactions. The statement was exceedingly interesting. It reminds me of former President and ex Chief if the Army Staff General (retd.) Pervez Musharraf’s statement given in the US regarding Mukhtaran Mai and her horrendous gang rape.

“You must understand the environment in Pakistan … this has become a money-making concern. A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped.”

Ali Zafar sounds the same, it’s just semantics. The statement is wrong on so many levels and twisting so many facts. The laughable thing is he opens his statement talking about Haq, zulm and slips his manipulated lies through his teeth. The Ghairat Brigade is having a field day on social media. It’s fascinating. Men are expected; even to see cock sucking cunts being vicious and defending Zafar is also nothing amazing. What’s surprising is to read journalists, so called liberals and enlighted ones wearing neutrality, objectivity and ‘innocent till proven guilty’ invisibility cloaks. Even women – – who told us their cases of rape and harassment, and we believed them then, we believe them now – – are raising fingers at Meesha, demanding proof and supporting the alleged harasser. We never demanded them to present proof. 

Little do they know that their misogyny, sexism just can’t be hidden by these cloaks. The stench betrays them.

So let’s have a look at the facts which Zafar presented that twisted lies in reality.

1. Meesha is running away and not facing the court. The fact is that the court still hasn’t called Meesha to appear in person.

2. He has not been cleared of the accused crime of sexual harassment. Meesha wasn’t even heard as her application was turned down on purely technical grounds. If I remember correctly it was the issue of work place. The matter is still pending before the High Court. So, Ali Zafar has NOT BEEN EXONERATED OF THE CHARGE OF SEXUAL Harassment. Ali Zafar chose to contest the case on procedural grounds. The law needs to be improved as it does not cover many technical and societal issues.

3. The current case is of defamation filed by Ali Zafar. So two entirely different cases.

4. Meesha and her legal team could also have sought a gag order on Ali Zafar, which he did in Meesha as they believe it against the basic human right of freedom of expression. Definitely, more decent that Ali Zafar and his lawyers.

5.Canadian Immigration or asylum is not granted on one tweet. There’s a due process which takes time. Sure more time than between Meesha’s tweet and leaving for Canada regarding her Immigration. I am sure that Meesha has documentary proofs to show the time of her filing for immigration. And Meesha participated and performed at Aurat March in Lahore on March 8, 2019. So if she ran to Canada how did she perform there? All it needs common sense and some knowledge of immigration process to see through Ali Zafar’s malicious lie.

6. Pakistan’s biggest female rock singer doesn’t need to stoop to this level for fame, publicity, and fortune. She has been a judge on Pepsi Battle of the Bands since 2017 and featured in Coke Studio for many seasons. Both shows sponsored by international corporate giants. Also, it was Ali Zafar who was dropped by Pepsi, so maybe Pepsi knows something rest of world refuses to see AND ACCEPT!

7. Ali Zafar’s mention of Malala in respect to obtaining asylum for fame and fortune insults both Malala and Meesha. His lame tweet can’t do much damage control. Majority of Malala haters use the same lie. Zafar, in fact, confirmed strengthened their hideous opinion. There was no need to mention Malala. Just by mentioning Malala in his lie accusing Meesha of copying her, he accused Malala, too, for the same. He put them both in the same bracket, threw the same light on both. It was the notorious a la Imran Khan ‘slip’ from subconscious to tongue.

Blog by : Ali Zaidi

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