NUST Engineer Commits Suicide Over Unemployment

engineer suicide

Aizaz Ali, a twenty four year old unemployed NUST engineer Commits Suicide Over Unemployment at his home in Railway Housing Scheme Rawalpindi.  He was found by his sister, who works at Benazir Bhutto Hospital.

Sub Inspector Wali Mohammad, who is investigative officer of this case, told that victim’s father as saying that Ali had been distressed because he was unable to find an appropriate job for him. Sun Inspector said the victim was receiving treatment for depression for few months

Aizaz Ali graduated from NUST a year ago didn’t get any job and that eventually lead to his suicide. He was barely 25 years old when he died.

His father told the reporter that he had been seeing a doctor for a few months now. But yesterday morning he locked himself alone in the room and with a push of a trigger he ended his life. A life wasted another body down because of depression. Unfortunately depression in our youngsters is on the rise with similar incidences happening on a regular occurrence. Education again is a key component in tackling this issue.

Students need to understand after graduation getting a job is not a walk In a park. It was just one year since he was unable to get a placement I have seen people struggle 2 3 years. There might be other reasons as well. Nust should conduct some career counseling seminars and stress management workshop for graduate students.

All education institutions of higher degree stress upon the sitting government to create job opportunities the number universities/institutions are going to produce graduates. They should go to the level of pressuring the governments that they would not enroll fresh entrants in their universities. A second pressure group will form by young students against government to divert their attention for job creations in the society.

Getting no job is hard for some guys as their families are depending on their sons that they will earn good and contribute to welfare of his family..! No job opportunity especially for engineers as our government has hired incompetent people only due to bribe money and references…! When there is some project they call private companies to complete project and so more corruption is done in the name of tende.

There are millions like this young guy under the state of depression because of the lack of job opportunities. Thanks to the negligence and wrong priorities of government and political leadership too.

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