No Mayun, Dholki, Mehndi or even Baraat | A Perfect Wedding

Picture taken by Hamza Bhatti 👊

We had a simple Nikkah and then a small gathering at home with hardly 10-15 relatives who were in the city at the time. And that was also the Ruksati.

For Walima (Since it’s a Sunnah), we had a few Daigs made and my wife and I drove out into the streets and gave the food to any poor person we could find.

I always used to say when I will get married, I will do it in the simplest way possible. And I’m proud to say that Allah has blessed me with a Wife and Parents who has the same mindset.

I didn’t let my parents spend a single penny because I always wanted to fund my own wedding. But it would be really selfish of me to say that. Because all the credit goes to them who raised me and made me capable of doing so.

Result? My Wife looks at me with pride. I love her for the joy and happiness she brought into my life. Not some items of Jhaiz which usually puts the women’s parents in debt. Resulting in her hating you for it.

Whatever money we could have spent on a fancy wedding or jewelry, Komal and I used it to buy things for our life ahead and planned a financially secure future for us.

See, I’m not against fancy and expensive weddings. I’m a strong believer of doing what makes you happy. If having a big wedding with your friends and loved ones around you makes you happy. DO IT!

But if your intentions are anything other than that, you are gonna be REALLY disappointed. Because no one is going to remember a single thing about your fancy and expensive 3-5 day event which is going to leave your father in crumbling debt for the years to come.

Also because of these expensive marriages, it is easier to do Zina than get married. So, kindly make marriages easy and simple so that people would be drifted towards the halal.

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