Nine Eleven : No Any Airplane Did hit the World Trade Center Ever

Nine Eleven

(New York) A former CIA pilot said in his statement Contrary to government claims that no aircraft hit the world trade center.

Former pilot John layer said that this is impossible according to the laws of physics,  in fact, if  a Boeing 767 aircraft’s  tail hits 14 inches thick column then plan should be squeeze , Twin  Tower’s  iron columns were 39 inches thick .

According to the pilot when the plane hits the World Trade center then the tail can break ground. While Engine maintaining its original form and must be included in the wreckage.

 He also revealed a Boeing 767 aircraft, cannot fly at a speed of 540 miles per hour at a height of 1000 feet. Aircraft’s fan system cannot bear such speed on this height.

John layer submitted this statement in the U.S court for which the application was filed by a physicist. Physicist claims that at 9/11 no airplane hit the World Trade Center.

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