Nawaz Shareef Being Abused Live on TV

Nawaz Shareef

Nawaz Shareef Being Abused Live on TV:A participant in Azadi march Islamabad expressed his anger and abused him Live. When a reporter asked his views about Nawaz Shareef first he expressed his anger about Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz shareef that he is not resigning. He criticized that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz is ruling over fake mandate that’s why Prime minister should resign soon.when reporter of  a local television channel asked him that why he is carrying a stick over him, the participant abused Mian Nawaz Shareef and gave a vulgar statement.

Watch the Video and see that how a participant is expressing his “Love” for Dearest Prime Minister.

Love for PM Nawaz Sharif by Regionalpost

It is to be mention that Imran Khan along his party workers, protesting in Capital city of Pakistan Islamabad and they are demanding for Prime minister’s resignation. Many famous actors and Television Stars are protesting him and trying to gather public. On the other side Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz claiming that participants are being less in quantity day by Day and soon all will run except Imran Khan.

Mian Nawaz Shareef doses not seems to give resignation as he is saying that he is the elected prime minister and he will not leave his seat on the basis of any kind of black mailing. A TV channel have claimed in a program that now all problems have been resolved and soon a deal is going to be done between both parties and after that this Azadi March will be finished. Hence Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has not given any statement on this issue.

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