National Geographic famous ‘Afghan Girl’ arrested in Pakistan for ID Fraud


National Geographic famous ‘Afghan Girl’ arrested in Pakistan for ID Fraud. National Geographic’s famed ‘Afghan Girl’ Sharbat Bibi arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency on Wednesday in Pakistan’s Peshawar city, authorities said.

She was arrested from her house for forgery of a Computerized National Identity Card Federal Investigation Agency sources said.Sharbat Bibi has dual Pakistani and Afghan nationality, and both ID cards have been recovered from her, Dawn online reported.

It is pertinent to be mention that she became famously known as the ‘Afghan Girl’ when National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry captured her photograph at the Nasir Bagh refugee camp situated on the edge of Peshawar in 1984 and identified her as Sharbat Gula.

She gained worldwide fame when her pictures was featured on the cover of the June 1985 issue of National Geographic Magazine at a time when her age was 12.

Pakistan has double standards and hypocrite approach for Afghans, during Soviet, Russia, war, Pakistani establishment grabbed billions of dollars in the name of Afghan refugees and without paying any attention to the lives of those refugees, Pakistan devoured all that amount at that time these refugees were called Muslim brothers and other examples of brotherhood used be given…now after many years as Pakistan is not getting funds and money in their names, they at once become, security risk for Pakistan also, Pakistanis when go to abroad especially to Europe or USA, they get nationality after spending 5 to ten years, less or more, but here the situation is changed..The Afghan refugees has spent their lives here, they are born here and yet they will be thrown out of country….no nationality is given, as we seek for ourselves in Europe or USA.

Don’t know when will Pakistanis learn some diplomacy and improve their image. Let her go, ask her if she wants to live in Pakistan if she does give her nationality. She will be an ambassador for Pakistan, and will promote Pakistan as a place where helpless people like her found refuge and safety once.


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