Muslim Community Leader Appeals to Double the Number of Mosques in France

Number of Mosques in France

Muslim Community Leader Appeals to Double the Number of Mosques in France.The head of the French Council of the Muslim community Daleel Boubakar says that there are currently 2200 number of mosques in France, in the context of the country’s Muslim population it does not meet the needs of Muslims.

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He said that because the lack of Mosques Muslim community is feeling difficulties and the solution is to double the number of mosques in France.He said this at the annual meeting of Islamic Organizations of France.

The French government estimates that 5 million to 6 million Muslims live in the country and France has the highest quantity of Muslims than any other Western European country.

Government is trying to increase religious tolerance in the country because A weekly newspaper was attacked in Paris in January. The government wants to promote Islam is tolerant of Western nature.

Meanwhile, since January attack people have started taking interest in religious activities and matters in France and hey want to know about different Religions.

A Website have reported that as compared to last year,they have noticed that people are buying Islamic Books and Sale of Islamic Books have been increased.

 On the other side after January attack in the country people has seen a rise in anti-Muslim attacks and their places of worship have been targeted but these kind of incidents are minor and most of the French people still believe in Religious tolerance,they are not blaming the Whole Muslim Community for the Attack.


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