Musical Programs Are Not Allowed in UoK




It is notified to all concerned that musical programs are not allowed in UoK (University of Karachi)  to maintain the sanctity and congenial academic atmosphere in this highest seat of learning.

Prof. Dr. Moazzam Ali Khan

Copy to:

1. All Deans
2. All Chairpersons
3. All Directors
4. Student’s Adviser
5. Campus Secretary
6. Adviser to vice Chancellor
7. P.R.O
8. Secretary to Vice Chancellor
9. All Concerned

Here is the Cop of Notification Issued by the registrar of University of Karachi.This step has been taken because few weeks ago in students week at Karachi University many students parties organized musical concerts that’s Why Registrar issued this notice because they do not want to spoil the atmosphere of the campus.

Karachi University

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