Mubashir Lucman throws Shaista Lodhi a Welcome Party

Shaista Lodhi

Mubashir Lucman, the Meri Jang host, threw a surprise welcome party for the former morning show host, Shaista Lodhi, at Sweet Affairs in Lahore. It assisted the evergreen beauty to catch up with her collegues on her return to Karachi.

Shaista was given a warm-hearted welcome by both her family and her fans on returning to the K-town on 12th of July after tying the knot with her cousin, Adnan Lodhi.

The ex-tv host had to desert the country with her three children due to a blasphemy controversy on her morning show.


Prior to her appearance on Lucman’s show, Shaista had already made an appearance at Faisal Qureshi’s game show, Jeet ka Dum, from Hum TV on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Mubashir grabbed the opportunity to apologize to her for his show that defamed her. Shaista expressed her joy on her return to her beloved country and confided that she was grateful for such an enthusiastic reception.

The simple gathering hosted some famous personalities too, including Nadia Jamil, Ali Gillani, Fawad Chaudhry, Sami Ibrahim, Hassan Niazi and Farrukh Habib. Asma Waqar had prepared a scrumptious cake for Lodhi while the recent singing sensation, Aima Malik, entertained the guests through her singing.

Mubashir Luqman

The Meri Jang episode hosting Shaista Lodhi will soon be aired, which is an exclusive interview by Lucman. The former Utho Jaago Pakistan host got emotional during the show and spoke her heart out about her sufferings followed by her exile.

Mubashir Shaista

Further ML also explained on his show about what truly transpired which eventually caused Shaista to become a victim of a battle between the two TV channels.

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