Mother Teresa Declared as Saint by Pope Francis in Vatican ceremony

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Declared as Saint by Pope Francis in Vatican ceremony.  Sainthood is not necessarily bestowed on someone as a declaration of their perfection and closeness to God. A lot of people — mostly non-Catholics — seem to think that we Catholics use sainthood as a kind of stamp of supreme holiness on a religious superstar or celebrity, so that we can legitimately “worship” them. Because everyone knows that Catholics “worship” false idols like saints.

Actually, saints were just regular people who did admirable or brave things, and making them saints means they serve as examples to all of us that goodness can reside in everyone and that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. That’s hardly sinister or diabolical.

Sainthood is not like knighthood. First of all, you have to be dead to be declared a saint of the Catholic Church, so you’re definitely not going to be able to enjoy or capitalize on the status it brings. Second, it’s really not as much for the “saint” as it is for other people — the living who need an example to follow, a personal spiritual hero to admire; someone who, like themselves, may have suffered and struggled in life, but can give them hope that all problems can be overcome.

Saints are just people who did good things. They aren’t little gods or idols, and no one has to believe in them or even like them, not even Catholics. But if you’re not Catholic and don’t believe in saints, why not just keep your nasty opinions and hateful comments to yourself? We Catholics will find a saint to ask for prayers for you.

Few Things You Need to Know About Mother Teresa

Do you understand what this woman did? Go to India hear first hand stories. she stood up to armies about to raise a village to the ground in her bare feet pleading in front of them and told them to put down their weapons and people listened and did it! She also worked in the most inhospitable conditions for a hospital and achieved to show compassion to those who had no chance to live and who had one of the most contagious diseases leprosy! Her and her nuns worked tirelessly at full risk of catching leprosy. The fact many carried on for years is a miracle itself. When you have done that in your life then you can judge!!! Until then realize she was beyond human and incredibly compassionate. Until Mother Theresa these people were shunned by their villages and left to die in jungles. She showed love more than any of you critics can even imagine.

This is not about the church or anything other than a woman who chose to live a life of unselfish service to others while living in poverty. Mother Teresa fought the church for proper medical supplies and medicine but her influence wither hierarchy was nil. Being the loving and caring woman that she was, she probably doesn’t even give a damn about the canonization and probably wishes the church would spend more time, energy and money on the poor and the sick instead if their selfish self-serving glorified kingdom they call the Vatican.

Mother Teresa was a great woman. To her critics I’ll just point out the irony of criticizing Mother Teresa and yet idealize Hitchens who supported the Iraq war and openly defended and encouraged second her homes for the dying were hospices not hospitals so their sole purpose was to give people a place to die who otherwise would’ve died on the street. Next, excluding her homes for the dying she set up over 400 other homes including: homeless shelters, soup kitchens, orphanages and many more. I know a lot of people here will be waving Hitchens book around as a source but Hitchens never even worked with the sisters nor interviewed anyone they helped only critics. If ye want a real source check out Katherine Spinks account of Mother Teresa. Spinks actually spent many days working with the sisters. With regards to her view on contraceptives every single nun in the world has the same view so it’s not like it’s unique to Mother Teresa. Also India was secular at that time and yet failed to issue contraceptives.

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