Most Amazing Inventions of This Year

Most Amazing Inventions

The biggest exhibition of the technological world, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), concluded in Las Vegas yielding astounding devices.

From drones to connected cars, smart home technology to every-day use devices, the gadgets presented there were simply astonishing and remarkable. Some of these devices have been discussed earlier and it will pique your interest to learn about the others.

BMW Unveils Car With Self Parking System:

The infamous company BMW tried to present something unusual and introduced a car which is capable to discover a parking space itself. For its customers, BMW has added remote monitoring system, sensors and such latest technological features which will spare them the hassle to look for a parking space as they can control the car through a smart watch to park it without even being on the driving seat.

BMW self parking car

Inflatable Solar Lanterns:

It seems as if the era of oil lamps has come to its end as lamps powered through the sun will take their places soon which do not require electricity. More than a hundred million people in the world today do not have the luxury of electricity. These unusual lamps are invented for such people so as to avoid wasting too much fuel. A company named MPowered has manufactured Elegant Luci Solar Lantern which can light up a 10 square feet area for 12 hours. It takes only 8 hours to recharge it.

LG has put forward such a wardrobe in this exhibition which can clean dirty clothes without using water or any washing powder with the help of a technology known as True Stem. The wardrobe uses Hot Steam Spray which kills 99.9{c8e7245b8ab68c565aad156e68e78729a90ed3dd91ad3177b3c5a92377d109db} of the germs and removes stains too. It also contains a conic ‘refresh’ button which make the clothes smell good while the movable hangers get rid of wrinkles off the clothes which make the clothes seem ironed.

Solar Lamps

The World’s Most Expensive Smart Phone:

If you think seventy thousand rupees is a lot of money for a cell phone then you might have never heard of Lamborghini’s 88 Tauri Smartphone. Adorned with gold plates, it is the world’s most expensive smart phone worth six thousand dollars .There are two reasons that make it so expensive. There are only a few pieces of this model available and there is an excess of gold work on it. It doesn’t feel like a mere phone when you take hold of it but feels like something entirely different in your hands as its design is completely different than all other smart phones. Its screen is 5 inches long but it seems bigger than the other similar-size contemporary mobile phones.

Lamborghini's 88 Tauri smartphone

The World’s Biggest Tablet:

Foho has introduced such a tablet which is no less than a TV in its size. Fuhu Nabi Tablet range starts with 32 inch screen size and its biggest model have 65 inch of screen. It will be sold at $699- $4000 in the second trimester of this year and its 65 inch model will have ultra HD screen. Fuhu’s reason to manufacture tablets of these sizes was to provide interactive experience in one’s bedroom and kitchen where they can get their desired information through a single touch at a wall unit.

uhu Nabi Tablet

World’s Most Expensive Oven:

Who doesn’t like a good quality oven to cook in but what if its price was $14000? If you still want to buy it then this 48 inch oven has been introduced for you. No, this oven does not take you to your office nor can you sleep in it. It is only used for cooking/baking but it’s so remarkable that even the most incompetent person can easily cook all kinds of food using it as it gets digital help. You can connect it to a WiFi network and use its touch panel to change various settings to select over hundreds of cooking programs and recipes.

Smart Oven

The World’s Lightest Laptop:

Infamous company Lenovo introduced the world’s slimmest laptop which weighs mere 700 grams while the interesting thing is that its screen is 13 inches long. The company claims that it is the slimmest 13-inch laptop available in market. It is called Lenovo’s LaVie Z and it is worth $1299. It is light weighted due to the magnesium and lithium chips used in it which are 50 times lighter than aluminum chips.

world’s lightest laptop3

Change Your Regular Glasses to Smart Glasses:

Everyone has heard of Google glasses but it has not been completely introduced yet. However, Sony claims to change your regular glasses to smart glasses. Sony’s new clips named Smart Glasses Attach can change your normal glasses to a technological wonder which you can use as per your desire while no one would realize that you are using smart glasses as they do with Google glasses. Although there’s only one catch to the device which is it can be used only in some circumstances unlike Google glasses.

Google Glass

There’s nothing like this Skateboard:

Even though numerous skate boards were introduced in this event but the skateboard named One Wheel Electric Skateboard is like no other skateboard. Having space to put feet on both sides of the One Wheel, this skateboard brings an unusual experience for its users. The consumer does not have to worry about balancing on this skateboard as the device uses motion sensors to balance the person on it. The skateboard will soon come to the markets and would be available easily at a price of $1500. It can move at a speed of 12 miles per hour and can turn about to 360 degrees.

one wheel electric skateboard

Is it a Robot or Human?

Toshiba introduced a humanoid Robot Geisha in this event which astonished everyone. If you look at it from a distance it may look like a real woman to you. Its purpose is to work as a host. It is being said that the robot can play classical music all day long. It can take care of people and its face expressions are very human- like.

Toshiba’s humanoid robot

Charger which can charge a mobile in 30 seconds:

It is a regular hassle to deal with a mobile which has low charge and there’s not enough time to charge it but this problem will not last long because now a charger which can charge your mobile battery in 30 seconds has been introduced. During this electronic exhibition, a charger named Store Dot was introduced which claims to charge your mobile battery in just 30 seconds and this is possible due to Nano technology. This technology came to the forefront last year but its practical use was displayed the first time in Las Vegas where even the slimmest phones were put into it to charge.

Charge Your Phone in 30 Seconds2

Robotic Spider dress that can protect you:

Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht has manufactured such clothes that defend you. These are designed especially for women. If a person harasses the woman wearing this dress, it slaps the offender. It generates legs like spider and can hit the offender. It has such sensors which protects and defends a woman and hits any person who offends her.

    Robotic Spider Dress

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