Modern Automatic Weapons free of Human Monitoring and Guidance

Automatic Weapons

Los Angeles: Scientists have revealed that the arms manufacturer experts, after successful experiments of small bombs and missiles that aim at targets without human help automatically, are manufacturing weapons that will use confidential information artificially whereas these weapons will be free of human monitoring, guidance and control which is a dangerous thing. It is pertinent to mention here that the scientists have already experimented small bombs and missiles that can aim at their targets without human help automatically in California, the southern coast of the United States.

 The media have quoted the analysts that the use of the weapons, guided by softwares will be increased in the wars of future. According to a report, Britain, Israel and Norway have already manufacturing drones and missiles that can directly hit their enemies’ tanks, radars and ships automatically, free of human control.

 The report says that in order to choose and hit targets, these weapons get help thorugh artificial secret information and sensors whereas the physicists and the experts of artifical intelligence have said that the race of manufacturing automatic weapons is alreay on rise. The experts have further said that automatic weapons due to self-aware systems aim at their targets more actively and fast.

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