Missing UK Family Claims to be Safer with Islamic State

Missing UK Family
Missing UK Family Claims to be Safer with Islamic State

A family of 12 from UK, which went missing on 17th May 2015, has joined a so-called Islamic State and feels “safer than ever”, claims a statement that is said to be on their behalf.

The Statement, supposedly from the British IS member, says that is it ‘outrageous’ to suggest that the family was kidnapped and forcefully made to join the Islamic group.

The Mannan family is from Luton, UK, consisting of 12 family members, including 3 children ranging from 1 till 11 in age, went missing on 17th May without a trace.

The statement is accompanied by two snaps, believed to be of the member of the family, Muhammad Abdul Mannan, 75. One of them shows him with his 53 years old wife, Minera Khatun.

The police had suspected since the time they went missing that they might have moved to Syria.

The statement coincides with the video, released by the Islamic State group, showing 25 men being shot dead in the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria.

A Briton against IS conveyed the statement, which revealed that the family was in Syria, the land “free from corruption and oppression”. The document clarified that they had not been coaxed by anyone, but the Caliph of the Muslims, to join the group. It also assured that they were ‘safer than before’ in the Islamic State.

Moreover, the authorities have failed to verify the genuineness of the statement.

However, Nazrull Ali, a school chap of the 19-years old, Mannan family member, Mohammed Toufique Hussain, defies the statement as a hoax.

He shared his suspicion with the reporters and is certain that his friend’s family was moved by force.

“He would have definitely said bye to us had it been his idea. I am telling you, he had no clue that he was going to Syria.”

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