Minor reduction in gender discrimination in the World: World Economic Forum

gender discriminationAccording to World Economic Forum’s report in most countries of the world during the past year there has been a marginal decline in gender discrimination.

In Global Gender Gate 2013 report reviewed about differences between men and women in 136 countries and the lowest difference was found in Iceland, Finland and Norway.

The results of the review are based on political representation, economic equality and availability of rights such as education and health.

The report said that 86 of 136 countries is less difference between men and women .The population of these countries is 93 percent of the total population of the world.

According to the survey in Middle East and North Africa the situations did not improve in terms of the difference, and the worst are in Yemen.

World Economic Forum released report every year for the past 8 years and in this report Iceland has been declared the best country for gender equality…

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