The Menace of Sectarianism

funeral of Muslim

The Menace of Sectarianism,A Calamity on Muslim Ummah:

An Eye Opening Video from India when a Barelwi died in a village of Muradabad, India and his funeral prayer was led by a Deobandi Imam. Barelvees declared that the funeral prayer was not only invalid, but all those barelvees who attended the prayer behind deobandi, their Nikah also became invalid.

People also approached a barelvi mufti of Muradabad, who issued the same fatwa and instructed all those who attended the funeral prayer to again arrange their nikah.

To revive their faith, so far, hundreds of barelvis have re arranged their Nikah to compensate against the kufar that they committed by attending the prayer behind a deobandi Imam.

Watch the Complete Video There.


The Menace of Sectarianism by Regionalpost

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