Media Should Promote This Guy Just Like Justin Girls

Media Should Promote This Guy Just Like Justin Girls

Social Media and Television channels are talking about Justin Bieber Fame Girls.Government also announced to bear educational expenses of these girls but why they ignored this illiterate Guy who is talking about Human Anatomy.No one even care about him and media is also ignoring him because they might not get high TRP (Target rating point) from this Guy.

Media Should Promote This Guy Just Like Justin… by Regionalpost

There two videos was shared on Social Media approximately on same time but no one tried to encourage or promote this talented Pathan guy.Many well known Websites,TV channels,News papers are praising these girls and their exclusive performance,We are against these girls or Criticizing their talent but just demanding that Government and media should also pay attention to this Poor kid who wants to study further but unfortunately he is being ignored because he is talking about Study.If he could sing in English he might be taken care from Government and praised by Media.

There are many examples in our country,many people want to get Education and they are much talented but no one pay attention to them because they can not sing or Dance.

A Source of Inspiration,Ali Hassan

A guy who proved that limitations lives n in minds and if we work hard we can do anything,Media should also praise this Guy so others can get motivation.

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