Man Dying of Cancer Marries a Sex Doll in China

Sex Doll in China

A man who was suffering from cancer has married a sex doll in China because he does not want to ruin any girl life after his death.

A 28 years old man from Beijing city of China married with a sex doll because he wanted to enjoy the experience of marriage once in his life but he could not fulfill his wish that’s why he preferred to get marry with a sex doll. He got married in a proper way, sex doll was in bridal dress and the groom also got prepared for his big day.

China Dolls

Event was held just like a traditional Chinese marriage and there were also beauticians who did makeup of his wife. Proper pictures are also captured and this photo shoot is now getting viral on the Internet.

Sex Dolls

On social media these picture are getting viral and reaction of people is mixed. Many people are criticizing the man for this bizarre step but most of the people have sympathies with this man and they are sharing his story with broken heart.

China Sex Doll

The man was actually suffering from deadly cancer that’s why he tried to fulfill his wish in this unique way. One of marketing company’s manager from China is claiming that this could be also a marketing campaign to advertise these sex dolls because these dolls are getting free publicity in all over the world after this story. It is pertinent to be mentioning that business of sex doll in China is increasing day by day and many Chinese companies are exporting these dolls in all over the world.

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