Indian Law Minister Arrested Over Fake Degree

Indian Law Minister

NEW DELHI: Jitenger Singh Tomar, the Law Minister of the capital of India, Delhi, arrested for allegedly using fake degrees to enroll as an advocate.

As per the Indian media, an FIR against the law minister was lodged the previous night. The metropolitan magistrate, Navjeet Bhudiraja, permitted the Delhi police next morning to take Tomar under police custody for interrogation. He was arrested on Tuesday morning and taken to city’s Hauz Khas Police station.

The 48 years old arrestee claims to have secured his law degree from the Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University in Bihar. However, the administration of the university reported that they do not have any record of Jitenger’s degree with them. On further probing, his professional certificates were found to be fabricated too.

On the other hand, Tomar claims that the charges against him are unfounded and that he has complete documentation proofs for evidence.

Furthermore, the Tri Nagar legislator resigned from his position of a Law Minister after being accused of forgery and deception, saying that he did not want the image of Aam Aadmi party to suffer.

The outrageous Aam Aadmi Party contributed that the charges again Tomar were nothing more than a political conspiracy against the party itself.

Jitenger Singh would be imprisoned for seven years should the charges against him are proven authentic.

Arvind Kejriwal, the representative of the AAP, enormously discourages corruption, and the accusations on his own minister have severely damaged his two years old, anti-corruption exterior, resulting in an unpleasant tussle from opposing political parties.

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