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Lack of Sleep Linked to Mental Illness

Lack of Sleep

A study by the University of Wisconsin revealed that Lack of Sleep Linked to Mental Illness and sleep plays a decisive role in boosting brain power. According to research team’s leader Carry Cyrillic from University of Surrey “sleep helps in growth of neurogenesis, or in other words, this procedure increases new nerve cells, especially when you are dreaming and it happened that time when you are in deep sleep.

The research has also told that you need to sleep more so your brain can form the memories and aroused them.Scientists also said that lack of sleep may cause serious kind of mental illness.

Brain experts believe that when we are asleep, our Hippocampus (part of the brain to store memories) is active, which helps to remember memories from short time to long time.

Although neurologists (mental experts) believe that lack of sleep caused irreparable damage to the brain and reduces the immune system. If we are used to sleep less than four hours a day so it affects the nerve cells in humans that determine concentration and attention.

Researchers at the University of Surrey connected the Lack of Sleep to eating habits, weak at immune system against diseases, dementia and Alzheimer.

As a result, psychologists began to advise their patients that they imagine the sleep as antiseptic for brain because this also expelled the toxic effects of mental from the body.

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