KU Students Staged Protest against Hike in Fees

KU Students Staged Protest against Hike in Fees

KU Students Staged Protest against Hike in Fees .Students gathered opposite Administration block University of Karachi and staged a protest against raise in semester fees. Hundreds of students took part in protest and rally with slogans against University of Karachi administration and Vice Chancellor of Karachi University. Rally was organized by a student organization Islami Jamiat Talaba,Ku.

University of Karachi Fees
Student chanted slogans against the VC of Karachi University

Students and IJT members protested against Latest Notification about the increase in Semester Fees. President of Student organization Qazi Haseeb Alam also addressed students and appealed Vice chancellor to withdraw the notification about increase in fees. He said the hike in fees is intolerable for majority of students and they cannot pay an extra fee that’s why administration should take their decision back.

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University of Karachi Fees raise

Vice Chancellor University of Karachi Dr. Mohammad Qaiser said that he will talk to University management and other faculty members to take this decision back. He said that University is already facing financial crisis that’s why semester fees in increased.

University of Karachi Fees increase
KU Students Staged Protest against Hike in Fees


University of Karachi  has increased semester examination fee by 40{c8e7245b8ab68c565aad156e68e78729a90ed3dd91ad3177b3c5a92377d109db} and also increased the Semester fees.

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