Ku Pharmacy Department Admissions test: In 1614, only 190 candidates Passed

Pharmacy Department

Karachi: National Testing Service for the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Karachi has exposed has exposed the public education system of Pakistan.

 The admission test was held for 350 seats in which only 190 candidates got succeed and the other 160 seats left blank.

In the written test under National testing service 1614 candidates appeared in which the majority of those who got 70 to 80 percent marks in their intermediate examinations but in this test only 190 candidates somehow managed to get above 60 percent marks so in he most important field of university of karachi,160 seats remained empty.

In Department of Pharmacy student at least need 60 percent marks to pass the test but in the other faculties of Karachi university student have to get 50 percent marks for passing the test But under NTS only 11.7{c8e7245b8ab68c565aad156e68e78729a90ed3dd91ad3177b3c5a92377d109db} of the candidates successfully passed the test.

It is possibility that the seats left blank will be filled by those students who got 55 percent marks in the test after approving by the Vice Chancellor.

in case it not happened than 160 seats of the most important department of Ku will Left Empty and that will be a great loss for Karachi University Administration and students.

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