Killer Blue Whale Game an Inside Story

Blue Whale Game

Blue Whale is A game of cyber bullying and malware. All of us are aware of this suicide game but the question is what makes teenagers to do suicide after playing this game ? There are many facts which are responsible for the suicides after playing this game.

Some Facts About Blue Whale Game

First thing i want to make clear is that this game was never available in Play store or for any device including smartphones or for PC but it was available on social networking websites such as ‘vk’ and some other private coatrooms where every player was assigned a master or administrator who was giving tasks.

One of the task which they gave was to install an apk or exe in their system. please note that not every blue whale administrator was giving such task. The one who is very near to complete all those challenges thought its one of the easiest task to complete and he installed it.

That apk / exe was a malware normally called ” RAT ” later they had stolen all of his private data including pictures , account usernames and passwords etc via that malware and at the end they gave tasks which were likely doing suicide i.e run on the roof of your apparent , make a whale on your hand with blade.

In case if they deny , administrators who had already infected their system blackmail them to complete this task. Some of their private files and data became the reason of their suicide.

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There are some reports that some administrators gave them task to just visit a link Which was actually an ip logger used to log their ip addresses so that they can blackmail them with their possible location that we will come after you in case if you do not complete this task.

These are some reasons why blue whale administrators were so confident in saying that ” You can enter this game but not leave “.

From every aspect it is crystal clear that this game is a concept and aim is to target vulnerable youngsters , it revolves around physiology and cyber bullying.

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