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Kaymu Karavan – Turning Virtual into Real

Kaymu is up in arms to spread the concept of e-commerce and online shopping in Pakistan. In the lieu of this determination, it has successfully launched an activity known as Kaymu Karavan. As the name suggests, this activity involves journeying. So, it won’t take place online, not on any website, but right on the roads of Pakistan. Since the event has already kicked off, everybody knows it for sure that it is an exhilarating activity.


Objectives of Kaymu Karavan

A country with 190 million population with internet penetration of only 15 percent shows that not much of the public has exposure to online shopping. Many people stick to the conventional mode of buying and selling. However, with the arrival of 3G and 4G, there is drastic surge in the number of internet users. Kaymu, the premium online marketplace in Pakistan, has already quite successfully catered the online market. With its convenient and efficient online portal coupled with the mobile apps, the brand is already known to a certain public.


This idea of taking the online market offline, is clearly aimed to bring the wider public into loop of e-commerce and educate them regarding the pros of this mode of shopping.

This Kaymu Karavan campaign hit the roads on 5th of June and intends to stay there for ten days. Since most of the e-commerce shoppers exist in the three major metropolitans including Karachi, Lahore and the twin cities Islamabad/Rawalpindi, the caravan will cover these three cities. During the ten day time, it will set-up the stall at 20 different locations.


This activity will definitely earn Kaymu these following aspects. It will build a strong product awareness among the people. For those who have never even heard of this name before, will in a duration of few minutes will get to know all the steps that involve in buying or selling stuff at Kaymu.


It will also urge people to experience this whole idea of online shopping. More people will jump on to become part of this family. And above all it will reinforce the brand image among the public.

The Physicality of Kaymu Karavan

The logistics basically involve a surface mounted device (SMD) in the shape of a laptop on a large vehicle. Different Kaymu related videos are being aired on it. The vehicle, which is carrying this large SMD screen is further surrounded by the Kaymu team which are informing the public about all the procedural information.

Kaymu Karavan Karachi and Lahore


Since it has already hit the cities of Karachi and Lahore – people are way too excited to see it in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The response of the public as evident from the social websites Facebook and Twitter, is quite overwhelming. The passersby and the commuters took keen interest in getting the knowhow of e-commerce in general and about Kaymu in particular. Kaymu Karavan team engaged them in exciting activities and giving souvenirs at the end. People posted their pictures on Twitter and Facebook with the #KaymuKaravan.







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