Karachi University Students Protest Against Killings in Egypt


Students of Karachi University hang General Sissi and protest against the brutal killings of Egyptian Muslims and to show Solidarity with Muslim Brotherhoods

Dozens of students participated in the protest which lasted nearly for one hour. The students marched in the university campus shouting slogans.


Carrying play cards and banners students marched in the Karachi University campus and raised slogans against the present military regime of Egypt. The students denounced the killings of innocent Muslims in Egypt and alleged these massacres are being carried on at the behest of America, Saudi-Arabia ruling clan and Israel.

Students of University of Kashmir shout slogans during a protest against the Egypt Massacre and killings of Muslim Brotherhood supporters.
The students shouted slogans against Bashar Al Assad & Egyptian Army Chief Abdul Fattah Sisi.
“This is our revolution and no one will take it from us.”
The execution of “GENERAL SISI” in the court of students of university of karachi
The day will come when “SISI” will execute in the court of the people of egypt…..

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