Karachi University Student’s Bus Looted in Banaras

University of Karachi

KARACHI: Karachi University students point carrying 50 boys and girls gets stripped off their valuables on Tuesday.

Police said at least five muggers onboard a bus, carrying over 50 male and female students of Karachi University, when it reached near Bacha Khan Chowk near Banaras bridge in Banaras area.

The robbers deprived the students of their mobile phones, cash and other valuables on the gun point in the hurried heist, before getting away.

Following the incident the students held a protest in front of Abdullah College blocking the road. The protest was called off after the case was registered.

Bus robberies are common in the city, a hub of Pakistan’s economic activities and home to 18 million people, plague by political and ethnic violence, gang war activities and street crimes.


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