KARACHI – Then and Now

After the partition my grandfather moved to Karachi. My dad recalls the stories that he heard from his father, leaving us with three generations and three remarkably different accounts of one happening city that is transforming at the speed of light. Both me and my father were born and raised in Karachi. I, grew up on his stories of how things went about in our city when he was my age; how much and how drastically things have changed unveils the lethal attraction and exponential growth rate that Karachi is powered with.

Rare Pics of Karachi : Then and Now !

Historical Karachi
With my passion to photograph and a never dying love for all that the city has to offer, it just struck to me one day that I needed to document how times have changed the city. From being the hub of economic growth and a HOT tourist destination to a feared, misunderstood and under rated city, Karachi has seen it all. When I first started with this idea, it seemed almost next to impossible to get it right, but me and my dad made a great team.

Historical Karachi

There were points where my dad grew sick of holding the picture like that, believe me when I tell you it takes forever to get one of these shots right.

Historical Karachi pics

The entire project has been a very exciting and insightful experience; I explored Karachi like never before! It was like reliving pappa’s memories with him.

Karachi old pics

Time travel always fascinated me, and I always wondered what it must be like to live in the time that my father or grandfather lived and I now have my answer.

Karachi pics

I see this series as a vivid comparison of lives of three generations within the same city and might as well be your portal to the past.

Source : The Karachi Version

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