Jobless Artists Makes Sand Sculptures at Beach to Attract Job

Sand Sculptures Beach

Media plays key role to drawing someone’s attention to any problem and get resolved by the government and by other means. In today’s time, this responsibility has mainly adopted by social media.

Several people, suffering from serious diseases besides very poor people caught the attention of philanthropists who supported these men/women/children on social media.

Sand Sculptures Sea View Karachi
Jobless Artists Makes Sand Sculptures at Beach to Attract Job

Due to this quality of social media, people wanted to share their even personnel matters on it and get some benefit as well.

A few days back, I also saw someone’s post on Facebook where some images of an unemployed guy from Rahim Yar Khan who had come to Karachi for a job were uploaded.

This guy is not an ordinary person, but an Artist.

It was a major concept that Karachi is a city where no person sleeps hungry. Well, that might be true but now the port city has mainly lost its image because many people are getting unemployed and the so is this guy.

Sand Art

This guy landed in the financial hub of the country to attract a job but failed to do so.

Due to his extraordinary ability of Art, he started making sculptures in sand every day at Clifton beach.

He creates new sand art daily at the Clifton beach as a portfolio to get noticed by some professionals but still waiting for it, however, he was noticed by social media addicts who posted his art images at their wall.

The social media bloggers in their post says, the guy takes 8 hours daily to complete a single sand art. Before this work, the man from Punjab used to drive a rickshaw.

Sea View Karachi
He also has set up a Donation Box for his Work

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