Jang and Geo Group Answered the Allegations of Mubashir Luqman


Jang and Geo Group spokesman has issued a detailed statement on the group denied the allegations and said that it is baseless, fabricated and have been planted.

According to the Statement, Those who accuse us,Karachi Stock Exchange’s player Aqeel Karim , Mohammad Ali , former chairman of the Security Exchange Commission , a private channel anchor having his own ship and impressive car and so called spokesman of Pakistan ‘s intelligence agencies with the red hat is included.Similarly, the Express group did business with Pakistan Peoples party’s politicians and taken large loans from banks, but did not paid.When Musharraf came he captured all culprits but few of them went abroad and others somehow escaped.

Read the Complete Statement Issued by Jang Group and Published in 31 Oct’s Newspaper

Geo news Vs Ary

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