Iran Trying to Steal Pakistan’s Lunch


President of Iran has said that there is only difference of thirty six kilometers between Pakistan’s Gawader and Iran’s Chabahar Port so Iran is instead to provide safe route for shipment,

Welcome to reality. Iran was never a friend of Pakistan. The present leader is continuing a path what the Old Shah carved to always look down upon Pakistan as backward and not worthy of trade. They always tried to cut Pakistan’s roots from Afghanistan. In the past, the rumor was that the Old Shah conspired with the US to not let Pakistan drill for oil in the sea, saying if Pakistan did find any oil; it would be Iran’s Oil as geographically Pakistan being at a lower elevation and flow being higher to lower.

End of the day our government and politicians are the real culprits. – China has already given two warnings to Pakistan to sort out the political differences. But after seeing no improvement and realizing the non-serious attitude of our government and politicians, China is already in talks with Iran for the Plan-B of this corridor, which will pass through Iran instead of Pakistan. The draft of this agreement has already been prepared and was shown by Dr Danish in his program Sawal ye Hai, about a week ago.

This is the fact that during the period when Iran was under sanctions Pakistan was the only one who was buying Iranian patrol even they cannot but it openly so they did it via hidden means so America and security council can’t know about it.

 In reality Pakistani leader’s have to think about their policies.  Iranian leader’s are thinking about Iran and Pakistani leadership is thinking how to make money from projects but we hope this time Pakistan will be united against all kind of malicious plans of not only Nations but against corrupts too ..No one’s are friend of Pakistan Iran Saudi or America or anyone else’s until we are devoted and dedicated to our cause for the sake of our Country.

Blog By : Ayesha Sheikh

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