Iran to Launch Halal Version of the Internet

Iran to Launch 'Halal' Version of the Internet
Iran to Launch Halal Version of the Internet

Iranian authorities going to launch “Halal” Internet for their people that can seal off Iranian cyberspace from the rest of the world. They can close the internet for the rest of the world.

Despite of Iran can do implementation of the project or not, the debate continues on this topic. And the government has revealed its next move that only Iranians can use this search engine called “Yooz.”

According to sources, search engine “Yooz” has been officially unveiled in February of this year by the Minister of Information and communication technology.

Despite government censorship and surveillance on the web, especially young Iranians are fond of the Internet and Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines are very popular among them.

“Yooz” is being designed in response of such search engines. And this search engine is based on research of Iran and Persian language.

According to Iranian Minister Mehdi, “Yooz” can compete America’s restrictions which are imposed on Iran, and provide faster and safer way of research for Iranians. But how can this be? And how Academic world get access to the Iranian cyberspace? It has not yet been answered.

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