Iran Offers Pakistan to Provide Security in Border Areas

Iran Offers Pakistan

Iran’s interior minister says that Tehran has suggested Islamabad to provide security in Border Areas of Pakistan.

Iranian interior minister Abdul Raza Rehmani said that they came to know that there is no writ of Pakistan near border areas that’s why Iran is ready to provide security to Pakistan. He also offered joint patrolling in the area.

On 7th April 1015 eight Iranian frontier guards were killed by militants at Pak-Iran border. The Iranian government accused the attackers came from Pakistan and Pakistan had gone back to Pakistan after killing Iranian Guards.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed by an organization Jaish al-Adel. According to Iranian officials this organization belongs to Pakistan and it’s head quarter is also located in Pakistan. Iranian stance on this attack was that Pakistan is failed to come over terrorist organization.

It is to be mentioned that many in Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchistan province of Pakistan security forces of both countries was attacked by militants.

Because of such incidents during the recent years the relations between Iran and Pakistan are tensed. Iranian security forces officials used to say that Pakistani forces cannot secure their border that’s why militants from Pakistan can easily move to Iran and go back to Pakistan after attacks.

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