IQRAR UL HASSAN, You are famous but not a HERO!

Iqrar ul Hassan

What a drama I witnessed in prestigious “Sindh Assembly” today. A person Iqrar ul Hassan, who calls himself a “journalist”, a road show host, along with the help of another seemingly known “journalist” helped a person carrying a weapon with him enter the assembly premises.

So the famous anchor, entered the hall and tried creating a fuss, when speaker never let him speak, the opposition leader stood up and brought speaker’s attention again, to the anchor. It was then, when the opposition leader stood up and asked Speaker to at least listen to the “(not-so) credible journalist. Opposition leader told assembly on behalf of the anchor that there was some person inside assembly carrying a weapon. When it revealed that the “anchor” brought that guy who was carrying the weapon, inside the assembly, the Home Minister with permission of Speaker, ordered his arrest and Speaker Sindh Assembly suspended the security staff, hence session resumed.

Members of the assembly criticized the security arrangements while some maintained that security personnel had barred the man from entering but the anchor ’got him in’.

According to a ruling party MPA, “Special security branch personnel stopped them before entering the Assembly hall, but the journalist begged for their entry with his guarantee”

Inquiry committee is formed to look into the details. DIG Muneer Sheikh is heading it. Iqrar ul Hasan along with his boy is arrested. He’s being termed as “HERO” on specific media channel whose credibility has been questionable for a long time. Now it’s time for Sindh Government to prove the strength of its security system. Not only should Iqrar Ul Hasan be tried under the law for planning such a drama but also his facilitators, be it another so called “sahafi” or any other person who helped him create such a fuss. Try them; try everyone who breaches the security rules.

And any journalist, who became a part of this drama, should stop calling himself a “journalist”. It is because of people like you, this profession is doomed.

I, as a journalist demand Sindh Government to try everybody involved in plotting such a law violating drama and prove that no one is above the law, even if it’s a famous anchor.

Also, Sindh Government is to be held accountable too. How can a person carrying a weapon walk freely inside Assembly premises? This incident is a big slap on the security system too.

Written by : Aqsa Junejo

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  1. Aqsa , it is very lamenting that you fail to see the alarming inefficiency of our security system, which I think this journalist has tried to bring to limelight… Today it was him, tomorrow it can be terrorists… wake Up!

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