Inventer of “Kalashnikov” Mikhail Kalashnikov Died

Mikhail KalashnikovMoscow: The world’s most popular assault rifle’s designer Mikhail Kalashnikov has died on Monday at the age of ninety four, Confirmed by the Russian officials.

Automatic rifle Kalashnikov is the most famous gun in the world. Forces of dozens countries are using the rifle this while it is also made on several flags.

After World War II, Mikhail Kalashnikov made AK-47 when he was less than thirty years old. The reason for its popularity was that it does not need any special training to run and does not need even a proper maintenance.

Earl passed away in the hills near his home town where this rifle is being made and the spokesman did not give the cause of death.

 In Guerrilla actions this weapons is considered tremendous all around the world but it has been misused now a days.

Kalashnikov’s 90th birthday was held at a glittering ceremony in the Kremlin and the then President of Russia gave him Medal and called him the Hero of Russia had.

He was the son of a poor farmer who never seen school. However he see his invention in the hands of criminals and child soldiers and always felt discomfort and depression.

“This rifle was made to defense of my country” It’s not my fault that different countries are using Kalashnikov. He said


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