India’s First Transgender Police Officer Appointed

Transgender Police Officer

The Indian State of Tamil Nadu has decided to hire country’s first Transgender Police Officer. A girl who changed her gender through operation, she applied in Indian Police department but her application was rejected due to state policies. State officials said that there are not jobs available in Police for transgender.

K Prithika Yashini filed a case against this decision in court and she and Madras high count was hearing his case and now court has released orders in her favor. While talking to Indian Media she said the she is very happy. She said” says “I am very happy, all this decision is the beginning of a new era for transsexuals.”

The Madras High Court judges wrote in their decision that ‘it cannot ignore the social impact of recruitment because it will strengthen the rights of transsexuals. “

The court wrote in its decision that ‘Parthika should be allowed to complete the process it should not be disqualified halfway. “

It is pertinent to be mention that Supreme Court decision in April last year, third transgender sex was recognized.

According to this decision Indian court is bound to provide jobs to this people. According to one estimate, nearly 20 million eunuchs living in India.

Parthika at birth was a boy and his name was Kumar, after completing his studies, he left his parents house and changed his own sex through surgery, after which he was replaced.

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